What does it means to graduate from a Highway college in India?

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Why Doctors and Engineers from private(Highway) colleges in India differs in applaud?

Doctors in India from Private(Highway) colleges and Engineers from Highway colleges differs in respect due to the difference of lakhs of rupees in between to get admissions. M.B.B.S aspirants who wish to opt private colleges only differs in money status of their parents, as to get admissions in Medical college(Highway) in India costs around 65 to 70 lakh Indian rupees and our Engineers get an admission spending just 4 lakh rupees all around. As a consequence of this difference though not the intellectual one, their is a discrimination in population of Engineers inundating all over the Doctors in India. So, we Highway college Engineers has degraded applaud from society just because of our populating community.

But the question still lies in the fact that, ‘Why their are too many Highway colleges for Engineers still serving to implode our Engineers population in India’?

Does we Engineers doesn’t require quality education?

Does we Engineers doesn’t made peoples life better and safer?

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Life at 23 : A count from Highway Engineering colleges

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Hi, this is Abhi, I am 23 and going to a Highway Engineering college.
Want to know what does this means – ‘more directly our college is situated at Highway and with some offset, graduates from this money motif college follows the same cycle of situating themselves at Highways with unemployment as an aftermath’.

I am on fun, in love, and on my own – confusion is my clarity.
Can I settle on a successful life after graduation?

Or has to live on my Highway home?